Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catch of the Week...I Mean Month

The Period of Procrastinating Posts is over, my friends. For now, at least. I'm finally gonna show ya what I bought lately.

But let me tell you, that Sandy gal who hurricaned into New York is a real party pooper. She definitely discourages shopping. It's hard to get around when there are fallen trees all over, and it's hard to get into the mood of shopping for extras when people right here in this city have lost their entire wardrobes. Don't get me wrong, it's not hard for me to get into shopping! It's hard to get OUT of it sometimes, if you know what I mean. But somehow...I don't know. It just seemed a little frivolous. So that's my lame, mock-virtuous excuse for not posting promptly. Take it or leave it.

So I shall hereby display my slim pickings, and you shall hereby tell me how very nerdy some of them are, while others may perhaps meet your discerning approval. 

(Talking to yourself again, FrugalFrum?)

OK, here goes:

Chartreuse Sweater

$6, Church Avenue Factory Outlet (217 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218)  

I would call the color of this sweater chartreuse, and I have no idea how to pronounce it. I think it's like chart-ruse, as in when you attempt to fool others through an elaborate scheme involving the use of graphs. Now off to Google to see if I'm right. 

I'm wrong. It's something like shar-TRUES. Though one de'ah (that means opinion) has it as shar-TRUCE. "Sure, truce sounds good to me," said the general. Except he had some kind of weird accent.    


The same style in a yummy rusty brown color was also procured:


Not bad thus far, you're thinking. Well, hold onto your seats ladies, because we're heading into nerd territory right now.

Nerdy Nightgown

$14.99, Value Depot (1702 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229) 

Yes, it's old fashioned, but guess what? I couldn't care less. It's made from a comfy quilted material and it covers me! Go find a tsniusdik nightgown these days that doesn't cost a fortune. I suppose I'm officially old fashioned.
(Still, I'm keeping the nightgown image small. No need to make the delicate fashionistas among us swoon in horror with a larger picture.)
Old Fashioned is Fun!
Who me?? A nerd?!


And these shoes. I can't decide if they're just NOT...or not. Can someone more knowledgeable in these things kindly grace me with her insight?

Beige Flats, 2 Varieties


$3.99 each (not each shoe, you silly! each pair), Bobby's Department Store (1628 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226)


Navy Blue Sheer Sleeveless Top

$4, Value Depot (1702 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229) 

I want to layer this with the long white cardigan from my previous Catch of the Week post and (what else) a black shell. I'll try to post a pic sometime this century.


And, finally, the accessories:

Bronze & Crystal Bead Costume Necklace with Flower

$1.99, Value Depot (1702 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229) 

You can't really see the flower since it's lying sideways here, but it's pretty.


Hair Accessories for the Younger Set

50¢Church Avenue Factory Outlet (217 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218) 


  1. Hey...nice blog!
    One thing I am so happy to see is that colors are slowly making their appearance. I myself am a colorful person and love dressing in color and it was quite depressing to see so many people dressed in black. It’s so good to see so many shades of the rainbow back in!
    I wanna learn from you and check out these stores to see if I can be as successful as you with finding such amazingly cheap prices on clothes that look so cool!
    Thanks for keeping us in the know and for sharing the wealth here!

    1. Devorah, thanks so much for your comment! That's the goal--inspiration!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! She looks exactly like my dreams. ;)